STOP LOG is the water barrier panel or waterproof walls products of the knock down system (detachable) which functions by preventing water passing through the channels as follows:

Storage Rack is the products designed for Panel storage (aluminum plate) after unused. The storage set is designed to contain key strap for locking in order to facilitate the use and orderly storage. More importantly, this includes theft preventing or loss.

Vent Guard is a product designed to facilitate the air ventilation place such as basement air ventilation channel, above the floor ventilation channels, including windows that are vulnerable to flooding.

Canal Stop is the product designed to be similar to water gate (floodgate), but does not function like the typical gates that can be used only to control volume discharge of water. Canal Stop will block water flow along the drain by opening–closing to prevent water from overflowing the drain or water source into the area. The design has two types,

Flood Door (Multi Point Lock) is the product designed as permanent gate hinges, function like a submarine door. It is capable of guarding water, suitable for places or important room of the basement such as electrical system control room, emergency power generator room, or other important areas.

Pushable Flood Door is the product designed as large permanent gate hinges to be used as door and also to prevent flood. This product is suitable for large places such as entrance to underground parking lot, factory door, and entrance to basement.

Stop Panel Hydraulic Type is the products using hydraulic (automation) to help push up the stainless steel waterproof panel to prevent water flowing into the area. This product will facilitate the rapid deployment, especially to places that are not easy to control such as tunnel area or ramp down to the underground parking lot.

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