Waterproof walls, ALU-LOG, by Flood Solution Technology Co., Ltd. The company is an expertise in waterproof walls with experience in flood protection for more than 20 years in Taiwan and many countries. The products has been tested in actual operation on the Great Floods as well as big flooding several times and are capable of good flood protection. Waterproof walls, ALU-LOG, is an innovation of successful flood protection, designed to solve the problems of flooding, focusing on quality standards, and service is the heart of the ALU-LOG. Consequently, ALU-LOG has a wide range of products to support the suitability of each area to protect flooding, and can attest to the quality and standard of the waterproof walls products from numerous awards such as the recent award, The first Session of the World Chinese Invented The Nobel Prize Trophy 2012. It is the only company in Taiwan that acquired Award from the Vice President of Taiwan. Moreover, the products designer is also the elite famous inventor ranking among the top ten of Taiwan.

     To prevent damage to property, buildings, houses, factories and various places from natural disaster, such as flooding, which will occur, and is unpredictable in advance when it will happen. ALU-LOG are pleased to participate in the consultation and guidelines to prevent flooding by the company’s professional team.

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