STOP LOG is the water barrierpanel or waterproof walls products of the knock down system (detachable) which functions by preventing water passing through the channels as follows:
    -  Entrances to basement such as department stores and parking lot.
    -  Entrances of the building and facilities.
    -  Main entrance door.
    -  Doors for entrance-exit such as factories, commercial buildings and various accommodations.
    -  Fence line alongside the plant, commercial buildings, and residents.
    -  Windows, exhaust ventilation channel.
    -  Machines , Power generator.
    -  High voltage transformers.

    And many important things that are non-removable because of too much weight.
STOP LOG is the most popular product because of the distinctive features and specifications, as follows;
  1. Strong, with Lock System, which is more effective on waterproofing than typical products.
  2. Material, Inserted Panel and Bracing System Set are made of acheter fausses montres panerai parfaites Aluminum Extrusion Alloy, which has the ability to endure high force, lighter weight than steel or other metals,capable of self-installation or with a few persons to reduce personnel for the installation, and, more important, rust-proofing when exposed to water or moisture.
  3. Material-parts or locking points-fixing points are made of Stainless Steel (SUS304) with a one-piece casting process, so it is easy to use and strong.
  4. Seal Material is made of EPDM rubber, capable of withstanding environmental conditions, temperature, acidity-alkalinity or other chemicals coming with water without any distortion to the original shape.
  5. Great products with patents.
  6. Around the bracing, contains an intermediate lock, which is capable of tight lock and adjusting the length to be contractile, for convenience of use or for the betterinstallation on various grounds. This is still beneficial in case of folding while not in use, as it can be adjusted to reduce the length to allow bracing close to the pillars without obstructing or separating the storage set.
  7. Base Support System of Bracing Set is designed as socket, made of casting high quality stainless steel (SUS304) and installed by the embedding into the concrete floor. Therefore, it has the properties of high strength equivalent to concrete. Bracing will not slip horizontally, orrip out of the socket.
  8. At the panel splice pillars of Bracing set contain Clamp Lock installed on all of the pillars, to hold and suppress the panels firmly together,down to the bottom acheter audemars piguet répliques montres de luxe. This is for maximum efficiency of withstanding water pressure, and preventing leakage of panel’s joints.
  9. STOP LOG contains Clamp Lock, made of casting high quality stainless steel (SUS304) ,with the size bigger than other products.Therefore, it is capable of suppressing the panels closed together and withstand more water pressure without deformation.

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